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Fellow of Applied Functional Science


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Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Joshua Stoufflet

University of St. Augustine
Doctorate of Physical Therapy


Louisiana Tech University
BA of Applied Sciences

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​​and I am a Physical Therapist based in Morehead City, NC.

Age: 30
CURRENT: Morehead City, NC
DEGREE: Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Joshua grew up in Chauvin, Louisiana. As a child, he loved the outdoors and playing sports. His favorites were basketball, baseball, and football. In high school (South Terrebonne High), he played football and track. Then, he attended Louisiana Tech University, to earn his Bachelor of Science degree.

While at LA Tech, he became a certified personal trainer with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and was a Physical Therapy tech at a local private practice. After graduating from LA Tech, he attended The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, receiving his Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2013.

Joshua is the founder and owner of At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast